We humans love nature !

Thick woods to walk in and explore, waking up to the chirping of birds, lovely breeze through the trees, a hill to climb and have fun in, a lake to swim in if you would or quietly observe the aquatic life – doesn’t it all make you want to be closer with nature?

A getaway!

Our busy lives in cities and towns have taken us close to riches and technology but yet we are growing inexorably far from nature it is customary for meditation music, yoga-nidra or zen videos in youtube or vimeo to include bird sounds, sound of flowing water to keep our inner self calm.

Feel the fresh air!

If you want to feel fresh air from the trees around, if you want to hear your heartbeat over the hill you climb, if you want to clam yourself by meditating in the temple, if you want to see the life within a lake, and if you want to enjoy and relish homemade food, come to us and experience a holiday of your lifetime.

Our Specialties

  • Pollution free Oxy rich atmosphere
  • Organic farm
  • Self-Cook facilities
  • Barbecue
  • Campfire
  • Natural solar power
  • Kerala special fish cuisines


To enjoy any of the experiences we would suggest you to turn off your mobiles and stay connected to yourself instead of 3G/4G. Be mindful, let every breath of yours atune to the sound, smell, sensations and taste that you are going to experience here.